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Estate Planning & Elder Law Storybook Law Firm Marketing Content & Blog Posts are a series of pre-written articles and posts are designed to grab the attention of your clients and prospects. The opening paragraph tells a story that poses an estate planning question, and the rest of the article provides gives just enough information to entice the reader to engage with your firm.

Educate2Motivate has dozens of prepared storybook articles and blog posts that can be used and repurposed across your law firm marketing channels. Our prepared law firm marketing content is designed to make readers curious about estate planning and elder law issues.

This formula helps estate planning and elder law firms build their client practice through education, communication, familiarity, simplicity, and trust. Our goal is to work on how to get estate planning clients for you.

Take advantage of a library of topical Estate Planning and Elder Law articles that can be read or listened to by your audience. Content can be edited, allowing you to add your firm's own personal touch. E2M Storybook Bundles can be used for your own e-mail newsletters, or as blogs on your firm website. Ideas include:

  • Emailing your clients and prospects regular articles on current estate planning topics
  • Using portions of articles and blog posts on your web site as fresh content
  • Posting snippets on your social media pages
  • Printing in other firm publications
  • Referencing estate planning blog topics in seminars to break the ice
  • Printing articles to use in your law office waiting room or professional brochures
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